Supplementary Treatments

As a part of efficient wound management, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a type of gentle massage, is carried out in our clinic. Duration and frequency of MLD depend on the type and severity of a disease.

Mr. Leonhard König, a certified medical masseur and therapist, makes these treatments in our clinic. He specializes in curative massage, manual lymphatic drainage, traditional massage, back treatment and regeneration therapy.

The lymph system is the draining system of the body, removing toxins and waste products. In diabetics or patients with varicose veins, the lymph system may be defect. Also, open wounds can destroy lymphatic capillary vessels.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a subtle form of massage that works holistically to stimulate the lymph system – removing toxins, excess water and waste products from the body. It increases the blood flow to the lymph and veins, without increasing the flow to the arteries. This activates the self-healing process of the body. The entire microcirculation (of blood and lymph fluid) improves, thus optimizing or speeding up a healing process. Patients feel a considerable improvement in their condition, and pains are alleviated.

supplementary therapie
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